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    Masturbation? Drawbacks-Disadvantages-How can we get rid of Masturbation

    What is Masturbation-Get Rid of Masturbation :

    Masturbation is technique of sex by which male and female get sexual relaxation. A well known term for masturbation is wanking. Different scholars explain it in different ways. Some of them are agree with masturbation and discuss in detailed about its procedure, health benefits, techniques and related material, but most of scholar criticize it and agreed that this way of sexual relaxation is totally unhealthy and can cause different illness or problems that may affects individual’s sexual life/marriage life. Some researcher wrote that masturbation is good to release the stress or by doing masturbation people came to know their body awareness. On the other hand many scholars criticized it and explained its affects on individual life i.e. can cause insanity, diseases, hair growth or even an individual may become blind.

    An Islamic point of view, scholars define it in a different ways. Most of scholar define it is “Haram” and “unlawful” and also consider it unhealthy for individual. According to Imam Malik masturbation is one of those who wish something beyond that, further his judgment about masturbation bases on verse “those who guard their sexual organs except with their spouses or those whom their right hands possess, for (with regard to them) they are without blame. But those who crave something beyond that are transgressors.' (Al-Mu'minoon:5-7). Similarly some other Islamic scholar define it in different ways like Imam Ahmad Ibn Hanbal said “masturbation; semen as an excretion of the body like other excrete, and permitted its expulsion the same way Bloodletting is permitted. Ibn Hazm holds the same view. However, the Hanbali jurists permit masturbation only under two conditions: first, the fear of committing fornication or adultery, and second, not having the means to marry.
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    Side effects of Masturbation

    Masturbation is unlawful, Haram and sin from Islamic point of view. It has also some medical side effects that an individual may get that are;

    It damaged the intelligence of an individual and made an individual mentally distorted.
    It affects the eye sight and made them weak, some time it may lead to blindness.
    He/she feels tired and mentally disturb, that may lead confidence/energy waste, also feel pain in body and its different parts.

    Some other Drawbacks of masturbation are;

    Hair fall and damaging
    Loss of muscular body
    Backbone pain
    Soft and weak penile erection
    Ejaculation in adult age
    Testicular pain
    Seminal leakage that cause weakness
    Testis pain

    How to prevent from Masturbation:

    There are several ways to prevent from masturbation. One of the best way to prevent himself from masturbation is follow Prophet (peace be upon him), reported that 'O youth, whoever of you is able to marry, let him marry, for it spares one looking at what one should not, or lapsing in adultery. And if he cannot marry, let him observe fasting, for it is a shield against evil (Reported by Muslim)." This is best way to get prevent from masturbation.

    Further Islamic scholar advice to adopt following guideline to prevent an individual form masturbation that are; Observing fasting, as it bolsters one's faith, preserves chastity, and protects one from evil thoughts, Avoid to take those eatable things that stimulate your desire for sex and be moderate in eating and drinking in order to avoid stimulating your desire, keep away from movies , love songs, dirty pictures and other sexual content because it stimulate you for sex desire, Always chose good company and avoid those who are in bad company and make yourself busy in worship and spiritual acts like Salaat, reciting Quran, Hadith Sharif,such as Sahih Muslim Sahih Bukhari Islamic speeches and read good books, Avoid to join those parties where men and women brings physically close to each other e.g. university and college dance parties, concerts etc.

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    Very well written topic agreed with you and liked it and bookmarked it.

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    hmm very nice points you have mentioned here, This is haram and very dangerous for health

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