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    Easy Ways how to improve your memory

    How to Improve your memory

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    Strong memory has direct linked with our brain, if our brain is health and vigor than our memory will also be strong. No matter you are a students or professional, in both cases you need a sharp memory in order to Impress your boss or senior employers and in case to case matter. There are several ways by which you can improve your memory are given below:

    1. Don't skimp on exercise or sleep
    2. Make time for friends and fun
    3. Relaxation
    4. Bulk up on brain-boosting foods
    5. Give your brain a workout
    6. Mnemonic devices and memorization
    7. Enhancing your ability to learn

    Some people think that it is difficult to teach old dog with new tricks, which is strongly reject by the scientist. They argued that human brain has amazing ability to adapt the changes surrounding him/her. This ability is known as ďNeuroplasticityĒ, we can easily strap up the natural ability of Neuroplasticity to increase our cognitive stamina.

    Donít skimp on exercise or sleep:

    Good diet, exercise and sleep are necessary for good memory. Our ability to remember can increases when we use proper nutrition diet and other health supplements to care of brain.

    • When we exercise the body, we exercise the brain:

    For human being exercise play an important role to maintain the body health. When we treat our body with exercise then we can enhance our recall information and process in better way or easily. Physical exercise protects our brain from disorder that linked with memory loss and increases the oxygen to the brain. Also it protects our brain cells and from other diseases like cardiovascular etc.

    • Improve your memory by sleeping on it:

    Without Proper rest we cannot perform well and got difficulties in problem solving, critical thinking skills, and creativity mind. Deprived sleep leads disaster of our brain and cannot operate fully as compare to others who got proper rest. According to research sleep in important for memory consolidation.

    Make time for friends and fun:

    Being a social animal interaction is necessary, health or entertaining interaction affects your life style and even your health. Most of studies shows that a life with full of fun, good friends leads with cognitive benefits.


    • Healthy relationship:

    As discuss above, human is a social animal and cannot survive alone whole life, it needs to interact with others, because healthy relationships stimulate our brain. Such kind of relationship provides best exercise to our brain. According to Harvard School of public health, people having most active social lives had the minimum rate of memory decline. Even people engage their self with their pets to entertainment themselves. These all activities are beneficiary for human brain and their memory.

    • Laughter is good for your brain:

    Often we heard that laughter is best medicine to get out from worries as well as it relax our blood pressure and brain. Emotional responses engaged our limited area of brain, whereas laughter engaged multiple region of our brain. Also listening jokes and funny stories activates our creativity of brain. A Psychologist (Daniel Goleman) said, Laughter helps to people to think broadly and connect more freely.

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    There are few important tips that can bring laughter in your life that are:

    • Laugh at yourself
    • When you hear laughter, move toward it
    • Spend maximum time with fun and joyful people
    • Surround yourself with reminders to lighten up
    • Pay attention to children and emulate them

    Keep Stress in check:

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    According to experts, stress in one of the most terrible enemy of the brain. With the passage of time stress damage brain cells and hippo campus, which has directly affects our brain. Also depression holds a heavy toll on the brain and start damaging our memory performance and its ability. If you are mentally sluggish due to depression, seeking treatment will bring amazing change in your cognitive abilities including memory.

    Our medical experts argued that meditation helps to improve different types of situation like depression, chronic pain, diabetes, high blood pressure and anxiety. It can also improve our creativity process, learning abilities, reasoning skills and concentration abilities. It also increases the thickness of the cerebral cortex and encourages more connectivity with brain cells.

    Eat brain boosting diet:

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    Always take such diet that meets or demand your body because it has direct or indirect impact on our brain. As we know diet base on fruits, vegetables, pulses (specific), whole grain, and health fats are beneficiary for our health and brain.

    Also carbohydrates boost our brain at top of our mental game. It fuel to our brain, i.e. sugar, white bread, refine grain etc. Such type of diet improves our memory and brain cells.

    There are following tips to boost your brain power that are:

    1. Get your omega-3s
    2. Limit calories and saturated fat
    3. Drink wine (or grape juice) in moderation
    4. Drink green tea
    5. Eat more fruit and vegetables

    Give your brain a workout:

    With the passage of time our brain developed millions of neural path ways that helps us to use information quickly as per situation. But if we always use or stick to these well worn paths than process of our brain development will stop and no further nourishment will build. It is necessary to give stimulation to our brain so it keep growing and developing. We should shudder things with passage of time. Our memory is just like a muscular strength either uses it or loses it. As much we use our brain it will more develop and will process bitterly and remember the information. According to expert best brain always keep finding new paths and challenge us to use it with new path ways.
    There are three basic techniques, by adopting them in our daily life activities, we can boost our brain quickly and can increase memory that are:

    1. Itís fun
    2. Itís challenging
    3. Itís new

    Also use some Mnemonic (First letter is silent) device to remember things easily. Basically it is an image or clue which helps us to recall particular things or ideas etc. There are following Mnemonic which can we use in our daily life to makes our memory better that are:

    1. Visual image (e.g. picture, image with some word or famous name etc)
    2. Acrostic (or sentence) (make such sentences that are interesting and easy to recall)
    3. Acronym ( is a word that is made of first letter of all words that we want to remember)
    4. Rhymes and alliteration (it is repeating sound and syllable)
    5. Chungking (break large information into smaller size or more manageable ways)
    6. Method of loci ( imagine those place or things which recall whole idea or things that you want to remember)

    There are also some tips which can enhance our ability to learn and remember that are:

    1. Pay attention
    2. Involve as many senses as possible
    3. Rehearse information youíve already learned
    4. For more complex material, focus on understanding basic ideas

    Relate information to what you already know

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    spend your time with your closest friends can relax your brain...

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