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    Black Magic Signs and Symptoms

    Black Magic signs symptomsBlack magic disease or phobia has grown up much bigger this time. Most of people are actually not confirm that whether they have it or not. It shows its symptoms in form of different things like diseases, worries etc. To know whether we have black magic or we have to get the knowledge of this thing that what are the things which can be done by Black magic. Although, following are the things which can be done by black magic but it does not mean that you actually are caught by black magic because these can be due to your luck. So, the better suggestion is to deal the situation with both medical and Rohani treatment. However, a genuine, trustworthy and in corrupt Ruhani practitioner can correctly tell that whether a person has black magic or not.
    Symptoms of Black Magic: -

    1. Black magician’s most favorite thing is disturbing the married life of people and leading couples to divorce.
    2. When wife or husband will see at face of either they will feel hate to each other. In result their life will become an irritating experience of life.
    3. Continuous or consistent habitual headache problem is also sign of black magic.
    4. Prolonged pain and infection in throat and problem in speaking
    5. Some victims always feel like they are caught in a cage. They feel lake of oxygen and suffocation while breathing.
    6. The person can be made a deaf with magic. He becomes unable to hear others.
    7. Magician keeps away the wife from her husband as she gets extra menses periods.
    8. Sometimes people may feel extreme and continuous pain in the body especially in knees or backbone.
    9. Weakness in body is also a sign of black magic.
    10. People become blind even with healthy eyes due to black magic.
    11. Crumbling of teeth with pain and blood
    12. Abnormal heart beat can also be done with black magic. Victim feels it a heart disease which is not the case in actual.
    13. Always having fever and weakness
    14. Feeling drowsiness all the time and not taking interest in work
    15. Suddenly having weakness of memory
    16. Feeling difficulty in understanding things even easy things
    17. Improper working of brain and mental disorder
    18. A good person suddenly indulge into bad habits and becomes an astray one
    19. Becoming an addict or cigarette lover
    20. Becoming an Alcohol lover and drinker
    21. Extra increase in sexual desire or women selling herself for sex
    22. Suddenly start hating the laws of religion and all respectable things in religion
    23. Do not having dreams or even becoming prolonged sleepless
    24. Having stomach problems especially Ulcer problem
    25. Feeling acidity or fire in chest or body
    26. As liver is an important organ of body, magician attacks this part to irritate a person and indulge him into extreme pain and discomfort. And to gradually kill him.

    27. Husband or wife seeing face of pig or dog in each other face.
    28. The man losing all of his sexual power and becoming castrated with magic, without his will.
    29. Women continuously gives birth to weak or died children. If a child survives he/she becomes too weak and at last dies.

    30. The magician also kills the child of a woman into her belly before he/she is born.
    31. Making cattle so weak and useless for the owner. Especially, stoppage of milk of cows.
    32. Husband starts hating his wife.
    33. Stoppage of proposals of girls.
    34. Joints pain
    35. Women hates her husband and do not allow him to come nearer to her.
    36. Sudden losses and decline in wealth and earnings
    37. All members of home always quarrel with each other. In result peace of home destroys and lives of members become worst.
    38. Woman becomes an infertile and unable to become a mother.
    39. Person indulging into a bad disease which is incurable.

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    40. Husband or wife do not respect each other

    41. Husband or wife becoming too much skeptic for each other

    42. Suddenly without any reason losing job

    43. A rich person becomes poor

    44. Keeping away a person from his home by forcing him to live an expatriate’s life

    45. Always feeling anger and quarreling with others

    46. Feeling pain in ribs and chest

    47. Parents of girl do not understanding and accepting any proposal and being skeptic about every boy

    48. Forcing someone to love a specific person

    49. Always being scared of some unknown factors or being lost

    50. Casting magic on a person or child to indulging him/her into epilepsy problem.

    51. Paralyzing the body of a person so that he/she could not do anything or succeed in life.

    52. Making a person to suffer with palsy disease.

    53. A type of magic is done to keep a person always sleeping so that he/she cannot take part in routine life works.

    54. When a person start doing anything he/she could not do it properly and feels fully blackout in front of eyes.

    55. The sense of thinking and decision making fails

    56. Making a man patient of Nocturnal Emission. He takes medicines but the disease do not leaves him. If prolonged he becomes so weak and feels lack of confidence to talk and sit in community.

    57. A woman having her menses periods stopped

    58. Magician also can make a person fully insane/ mad / fool, so he/she does not understand anything and lives a miserable life by wandering in streets without clothes and eating worms/ wastage.

    59. A type of magic is done on children to kill them with pain and illness by mixing ash of dead bodies into their food. In result the child starts becoming weak and weak gradually and the doctors cannot understand the actual cause of his pain illness. At last the child dies with so much pain. The magician gets the ash from “Shamshaan Ghaat” a place where Hindu people burn their dead bodies.

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    Really informative, thanks a lot for sharing such a nice and informative article to us.

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    lets pray to Allah to prevent us from being put under black magic.

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