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    Inpage Free Download 2013 Full Version

    Hello dear members today I am sharing you a Urdu Editor software you can write Urdu text with your keyboard. This is very popular Urdu editor software know as Inpage for those who are new I don't wanna go into the history of and details of Inpage software, but for now i give you brief introduction or review about the software. Inpage Urdu editor latest release is 2011. Inpage 3.0 version is stable, and current release. The software has much improved, and developers has enhanced it's features. Inpage version 3.0 supports many languages such as Pashto,Arabic, Sindhi, Punjabi, Persian. Version 3.0 supports CYMK capability. You can install new/ customs fonts for designing or printing purpose.
    Inpage has now become extremely powerful publishing software and it's major used in countries like Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, UK, USA. Unfortunately it is widely used as pirated in Pakistan and India. But News agencies in Pakistan and India used them as original legitimate copy. Now it can handles many languages Arabic, English, Persian, Punjabi with ease.
    you can use different languages in inpage separately or side by side or fully integrated in the document. Based on The universally Acclaimed Noorinastaliq font, InPage Urdu Offer WYSIWYG Display of Urdu in nastaliq script. This Enables you to layout your Documents Accurately Aesthetically & in Double Quick Time.

    1. Automatic Kerning in Nastaliq Text So As To Remove
    2. Extra Interword Space To Give A Calligrapher Style Outlook To The Text
    3. Automatic Kashida Insertion for Arabic fonts
    4. Spell Check for English UK, US
    5. Word Count/Character Count For The Selected Text Chain
    6. Indexing and Table of Contents of English Urdu Text
    7. Wrap Around of Text Around Circular Objects
    8. Rotation of Text At Any Angle
    9. Sorting of Urdu English Text
    10. Drag & Drop of Text
    11. Object Features Linking Unlinking Of Text Boxes
    12. Automatic lines Between Textbox Columns
    13. Round Textbox
    14. Styles of Borders
    15. Paste Special
    16. Rotation of object At Any Angle
    17. Polygon Tool
    18. Rotation of Picture Boxes & Pictures
    19. Grouping & Ungrouping of Objects
    20. Complete support for OLE As A client
    21. Complete Support for InPage Urdu As An OLE Server
    22. Brightness & Contrast Controls of Pictures
    23. Mirror of Pictures
    24. Centering of Pictures
    25. Pictures Preview Before Opening Them
    26. Printing Features&CMYK Color Separation By Exporting The page As CMYKEPS file.
    27. Language Features Support For Kashmiri, Pushtu & Hazargi Languages.
    28. Others Multiple User Defined Keyboards

    Download link

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    good software especially for news agencies they used it alot, it is most powerful Urdu editor software available in the universe. Thanks for sharing download link of Inpage version 3.0

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    Great review and thanks for inpage latest version you available us for download

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    hmm great sharing keep it up

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    it is great post. nice software thank you for sharing

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    Can yo please provide a link of Inpage 2015 with updated version.. ???

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