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    Oral Sex in Islam ?

    Oral Sex in Islam ?

    This is an extremely disgusting topic which I would have not even raised had it not been for some youth to put forward a strong request to educate the public this regard.

    How can this shamelessly and dirty act of oral sex, be it male or female be permissible in the Shariah? Allah Almighty has created a special place for intercourse which even the animal instinctively understand. How can the same tongue that utters the shahaadah and "Kalimah" and makes one enter the fold of Islam, the same tongue that recietes the beautiful words of Allah the Glorious Qur’an, Hadeeth, books of knowledge and remembrance of Allah etc be used to suck the most unclean place of the human body?

    If upon normal intercourse a full bath or an entire ghusal becomes compulsory one cannot imagine what would be required when the tongue and mouth are involved in this activity.

    Mufti Abdur Reheem Lajpur of Gujarat who was asked in this regard, responded as follows:

    Regarding the knowledge of Deen one should never be shy to find out and ask. How would one know the rulings if he or she did not ask due to shyness? Allah Almighty says, “Allah is not ashamed of the truth”. No doubt the outer portion of the private parts is regarded as clean and “Paak” in the shariah, but this does not mean that everything that is “Paak” and Taahir should be taken into mouth and sucked, licked, etc. For example though the mucus of the nose is also paak would it be acceptable to suck the nostrils and lick off the mucus from within?

    Going further we could also say that the outer part of the anus, if cleaned properly is also regarded as “Taahir” but would it be acceptable to suck it? Never!

    In the same way the sucking and licking of the vagina and penis is unacceptable and strongly detested.
    Islam teaches purity and cleanliness and has given great importance to them. Thus it is necessary to abstain form such activity and engage in sincere taubah and repentance form this habit.

    Allah Knows Best

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    Good article thanks jizakALLAH KHAIR

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    very informative .. new generation can't understand and doing what they want.. so sad.. can you please explain one more thing about the Anal intercourse ... because i have heard that A*** S** is allow .. but i can't get it.. Hoe is it possible...!!!!

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