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    Haiz(Mahwari) ka dard khatam karne ka wazifa

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    AL Mu ta aa li

    Haiz Mahwari kay dard ko khatam / Kam karne kay liye uper diye hoe wazifay ko parhen InshaAllah ais ki takleef dur ho jae gi.

    Read About Menses here

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    This is good wazifa Al Mu ta aa li for period pain hope muslim sisters will follow according to this wazifa

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    JizakAllah khair for sharing the wazifa, this dua / supplication is very useful for muslim sisters, they should do this wazefa during periods/menses/haiz/ mahwari.
    During periods women face pain so to avoid pain muslim women should try this i will share it to my wife to avoid pain in menses

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