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    What is depression? Symptoms and Treatment

    What is depression, its Signs and Symptoms & Treatment?

    Depression is a mental illness that directly connects with individual mood or emotional feelings. People seem to be like sad or having lack of interest in events and activities or tasks etc. continually their behavior becomes change and seems more emotional and sad.

    Regarding that different experts define it in different context, like MediLexicon's explain it that depression is ďa mental state or chronic mental disorder characterized by feelings of sadness, loneliness, despair, low self-esteem, and self-reproach; accompanying signs include psychomotor retardation (or less frequently agitation), withdrawal from social contact, and vegetative states such as loss of appetite and insomniaĒ.

    People got different form of depression that may vary from person to person due to certain reasons. Most common form of depression is;

    Depression causes and treatment- what are the symptoms of depression-
Major depressive disorder major depression
dysthymic disorder dysthmia

    • Major depressive disorder (major depression)

    Major depressive is a common form of depression, also known as major depression. During that condition an individual feels disturbance in his/her daily life activities and suffer from different combination of symptoms that undercut their ability e.g. sleep, eat, working strength and other form of pleasurable activities. They start losing their interest and becomes depress and hesitate to participate in gatherings and social activities.

    • Dysthymic disorder (dysthymia)

    Another form of depression is known as dysthymia. Although it is not as severe as major depression but an individual feel not well in performing their activities and find difficult to perform it. Such form has long time symptoms near about one year or longer but not severe as found in major depressionís form.

    • Psychotic depression

    An individual got severe form of illness like hallucinations or delusions, found psychotic depression. Such form of depression is severe from symptoms point of view and patient feel illness and fatigue.

    • Postpartum depression (postnatal depression)

    Postpartum depression is commonly known as PND or postnatal depression. Such form of depression found in women. After giving birth they feel postnatal depression. According to research about 10-15 percent women got such form of depression after giving birth.

    • SAD (seasonal affective disorder)

    Seasonal effective disorder is a form of depression that happen mostly those people that are far from the equator or getting less sunlight. Such form of depression mostly found in northern countries like Scandinavia, Canada, United Kingdom etc. People often use light therapy to prevent themselves from seasonal affective disorder depression.

    • Bipolar disorder (manic-depressive illness)

    Such form of depression is rare to find in people and it is not common as major depression or dysthymia. An individual feels high moment or very low moment during such form of depression. It is also known as manias as it relates to extremes.

    What are the signs and symptoms of depression?

    As we discuss different form of depression, similarly its symptoms may vary from individual to individual because it is not uniform. Most common form of depressionís symptoms is;
    Hope less feeling, Feeling of anxiety, Feeling of sadness, Patient may feel restless or tired, Feeling irritability, Lack of interest in activities or daily life routine, No interest in physical relation (Sex), Feel low energy or power/strength, Losing confidence, Sleeping pattern may disturb, Muscle pain, Headaches pain, Eating habit may suffer or even becomes hopeless.

    Causes of depression:

    Still it is a ling debate to find out reasons of depression, many experts said that it is combination of different factors that may happen due to individualís genes, environmental factor, his/her personal feelings or psychological factor are also involved for the reason of depression. According to the test i.e. MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), an individual who got depression found his brain different from those who never got depression. Specific area/cells of brain works for sleep, emotional touch, mood, behavior, and appetite etc, this cells/area donít work properly of a person who has depression.

    Treatment of Depression:

    There are several ways to treat depression. No matter which form of depression an individual have, it can be treated with medical expertsí doctors or psychologist. It is highly effective to treat as soon as diagnose the depression. Doctor or experts use different methods to treat depression, some use evaluation form, some go through lab test or some through interviews. Most of time it is treated with specific medicine and more preferable is psychotherapy. Even some exercise is also fruitful to reduce or overcome depression.

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    Great to hear that. Depression is something which can't be cure easily.

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    hmm nice article how we can treat depression thanks

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    We can fight against depression interact with people keep busy your self in work. Empty mind definitively go in depression

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    yes thats are all facts of depression but its much harmful when Talking about killing or harming one’s self..!

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    Thanks for the wonderful inforamtion.

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    I can overcome my depression through daily home remedies .

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