Youtube Banned in Pakistan

Prime minister of Pakistan Raja pervaiz Ashraf ordered PTA and other telecom operators to blocked YouTube because of anti Islamic film YouTube blocked at 10:30 at night and Afghanistan bans YouTube also. It is reported that PTA also blocked 934 website links

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) Monday urged the nation to inform the authority any viewable links of Anti-Islamic websites promptly and efficiently.

"Through this release, it is again requested to bring into PTA's notice if any Anti-Islamic video is available for viewing through any ISP/mobile operator in Pakistan at any time on following email; The PTA will take prompt action," said a handout.

The statement also referred to the directions by the Supreme Court for blocking the access of all anti-Islamic blasphemous videos on YouTube, including recently launched anti-Islamic film that has sparked protests across the Muslim world. Torrentz

"By Monday evening, 934 websites carrying such a material have been blocked on Internet by PTA out of which over 650 URLs have been banned on YouTube. However, the surge of Anti-Islamic Video is massive, causing unrest in the country," added the statement. Now you can make free calls to pakistan

The PTA has sent a list of Anti-Islamic secured links to the Facebook, which have been blocked from viewing, the statement added. Read More



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