What is SEO and How Search Engine Works

There are hundred of myths around the topic of SEO or “Search Engine Optimization” with many main stream media articles called it black magic. They don’t understand what it really is the reason for this people have the impression is all about the tricking the search engine and yet nothing could be further form the truth. What it be nice if there some magic formula for SEO you just mix the secrets ingredient and wave your magic wand ohhhh instant rankings.

But of course if it that easy any one can do it and search engine can change the ranking formula which they do anyway and everything you did will be lost. For long time people did SEO they figure out the ranking formula of the day when it didn’t work any more they figure out the new one but they were constantly chasing the tale with this method rather then you chasing your tale or latest magic formula if you really understand what search engine optimization is it will make things whole lot easier for you. So what is Seo really all it is in very simple terms is, Making your website the best it can be for your site visitors and the search engines.YoutubeBlocked

To best understand this concept think about who your website target audience is in nutshell is the people not the search engine who are seeking out exactly what you offer on your website think about those people.

Has some reason to be searching at Google or other search engines perhaps they have a question they want answered may be problem they want to solved or some sort of other need they need to be filled keep this user in mind constantly when you trying to understand about “SEO” think about what they want to see on your web Page after clicking over to the search engine with their question problem or need.


What you ultimately trying to do with your seo program?

  • Provide those people your target market with exactly what they want

  • Making your content accessible to them

  • Answering the questions solving their problems and filling their needs

When you look at this way there is no need of any sort of magic formula or tricks and the beauty of this method is long lasting.

Search engine can change their algorithms as much as they want and it shouldn’t affect the targeted traffic to your site because your are showing with relevancy rather then tricks

Understanding how Search Engine Works

Learning seo is much easier and clear if you understand the why’s behind the techniques. To help understand about why’s you have to know bit about how search engine work in very simplistic terms there are two main component to the search engines


  • Crawler spider, robot

  • Algorithms    Ranking formula

The crawler which is some times refers to spider or robot or something just a bot. It fetches the info

The algorithm is a ranking formula that each search engines determine relevancy of the page that the spider founds.

Basically what happens crawler follows links gather info and info to the database? Or in other words they find pages reads what’s on them and index that info into the Database if you simply remember that they find read and index.

You can imagine since crawler is just little robot there always be technical issues and effect whether they can find read and index pages correctly so it is very important to design your pages in such a way as to make it easy as possible for them to do their job.

The search engine uses Algorithm or Algo to decide what pages to show for which keyword phrases well it is sort of the formula it’s not something you can reverse engineer
Search engine has hundred’s of factors and weight them all differently. Search engines have move  way past  days where you can use any automated seo software and get rankings which I never recommend trying any software. In essence there are hundred’s of factor that go into the relevancy Algorithm. There are two major things

  • What you say about your self  On page SEO
  • what other say about you Off page seo


What you say about your self about page basically the words the copy you write. Internet is mostly word based medium and every single page has story to tell each page story help search engine understand what it should be consider relevant for

What other say about your site or company  is called off page criteria it’s typically done through links that is other site owner tell their site visitor about your site by linking your site or specific page on your site. Search engine takes this into account because it is more trust worthy to them then only what you say about your site

What Seo does for you

  It helps you to steer clear of technical issue that can impede the crawler finding reading and indexing the pages of your website

It helps you to create web pages that conform to the relevancy Algorithms and making sure your website is relevant people are looking for and interesting and unique enough other people to link to it

Seo will help your audience find your website


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