How to put a watermark on a photo in Photoshop CS5



In this tutorial I am going to teach you how to add watermark or how to watermark photos in Photoshop. Creating water mark is easy the interesting automated command that’s not built in but you can builted  in for free. If you go to Russell brown website. First of all you have to download it and it’s that installer that happens automatically.

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Then in Photoshop you will find it Window>>> Extension >>>Adobe Photoshop Water mark.

here the beauty of this automated command is very very straight forward.

open an image So the first step is to what image is use as your source for the water mark could be illustrator file could be Photoshop document could be JPEG. Photo restoration

Or even text entry and you add the copyright in it or you can add text in a picture as your copy right notice. "use levels to enhance pictures inside photoshop"

I use simple logo file of Copyrights notice, so in next step You decide what images you are gonna work on what I suggest you start of with one as open image will let you preview and see then if you like it then uncheck it and select the hole folder.

The key part of this how do you know where to put  it works different with tall and wide images here in the watermark panel I decide where I want it Lower Left lower right.

Now hit Preview button.


this way you can water mark photos.

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