How to restore old faded Photograph CS5



In this tutorial I am going to teach you how to restore old faded Photographs in Adobe Photoshop CS5. Fading is one of the most common types of damage to all Photographs, faded Photos are very intimidating especially when fading is very pronounced. The good news is they are usually easier to fix and repair, they look just click or two make really dramatic difference. I use this Photograph to demonstrate you how to fix this fading.

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Because change is so dramatic, so many people say their is virtually nothing left to fix. We are going to fix this photo back out using curves.

Go to curves by pressing this half black and half white button and choose curves.

Now click on your black eye dropper now try to access the darkest part of your image it is hard when it is very faded, Now I click on the darkest area.

Look how dramatic that with just one click now go up to the white eye dropper tool and look for the lightest area in the image.

If it is too light you can adjust your histogram you can bring it down little bit make it little darker.  There are lots of ways you can adjust this.

You can see the before and after just of couple of clicks make really dramatic difference. Some time very intimidating looking damages are very easy to fix especially in the case of faded Photos in many cases all the information is still in the image.

Before and After Photo Restoration

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