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One of the fun things people like to do take multiple photos of a scene stitch them together in order to make them panorama. Photoshop CS6 support this funtion you do not need to use any free software for that.

Photoshop gives you best results. I just go ahead and select these Pictures here. One of things you notice that even though I am taking panorama from left to right I did photograph them vertically instead of horizontal and that is because when you make a panoramas you stitch your files together a lot of times especially when you are not shooting with tripod when you create a final panorama the top and the bottom areas usually need to be trimmed down quite a bit so shooting this horizontally I tend to shoot my panoramas vertically. The other thing you definitely want to do over lap your panoramas over lap each one of the exposures by least 30 to 40% so that Photoshop will know which photo should overlap and align them more accurately. Starting in Adobe Bridge cs6 because I want to use the feature in tools menu under Photoshop and then Photomerge.

Mostly Digital Camera Supports 360 panorama Photography


When I choose Photomerge the bridge actually hands off the files to Photoshop and you can choose from this variety of layouts if you don’t know which one to choose you just select auto and Photoshop will choose one for you.


In this case we might get better results if we choose cylindrical so I go ahead and select that. You can see because I started in bridge with the files selected Photoshop use those files as my source files. I also want to make sure “Blend images together” I don’t want Photoshop stitch them I also want Photoshop to blend the sky and the other tones in the image.

If I photographs with wide angle lens I also make sure to remove “vignette removal” the “Geometric distortion correction” that can be use and give a better result but I takes lot more time in order to calculate so for the highest quality result you want this to be turned on if you ever turned it off and your panoramas fails to stitch Photo you might try your panorama again with this option.

blend images,geometric distortion correction,vignette

Alright let’s click ok and script will automatically open each one of these files that we have in Adobe Bridge will open it on to its own layer in Photoshop and then Photoshop will stitch these images together depending the number of images you have and resolution of the images obviously this process can take shorter or longer amount of time as we can see Photoshop has done very good job not only stitching the Photos but also blending all of the colors.


You can see I need to crop my image or just use the option of “Content Aware Fill”. In this case I use Crop feature and crop the image. You notice that in my layers panel each one of the images are it’s own layer and has a mask showing and hiding the areas appropriate for that panel of that panorama If I want to make additional changes to my panorama may be I need to straighten the building then I might want to merge all these layers together so in layers panel I use fly out menu I use merge layers it also make my file lot smaller I tabbed the C key to grab my Crop tool I could make aspect ratio if I want to.


Here I simply click to drag down from the top and drag up form bottom and drag from right to left hit enter key to apply that crop so we have our panorama.

So you can see we stitch together multiple exposures from left to right. But don’t forget you could stitch together multiple exposure may be top to bottom or make like grid 3 images by cross by three images down. One last tip if you are starting with raw files you want to make sure in Adobe Camera Raw you are applying lens correction before you come in to stitch the panorama together. You can take simple images and turn them into Panoramic Photography using Adobe Bridge CS6 and Photoshop with Photomerge feature.


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