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In this beginner's lecture we are going to focus on Levels. levels are actually quite powerful tool which allows you to change the overall brightness and contrast of your images. In learning how to work with levels can really help you modify your Photographs either to make an enhancements or corrections. What we gone to here we take a look how a level actually works because this tool is quite important. There is gradients the reason why I create a gradient that is based on this grayscale to 0 to 255 and what’s really interesting about this that if we can create these little grayscale and then modify we can deconstruct how it works and definitely true with levels with levels it can help us to begin a handle on how this tool actually functions.

Photoshop levels,gradient,

Let’s go ahead and click on one of these gray scales and then open up levels to do so by pressing the Cmd + L or Mac or Ctrl + L on PC. Well over here you can see I have a histogram.

this is a visual representation of tones in Photograph underneath this histogram

I have a black slider gray slider and white as well I can drag these slider in order to change my image will be display for example up here in white or highlights you notice that there isn’t any thing pure white that make sense that just gets to be nice shade of gray there is nothing pure white. Read level's to enhance pictures

Well if I want pure white up here I just click and drag this to the left now notice that we have lot of white area, essentially I re assign values so now what was gray is now white.

The same thing is true on blacks I go and click this to the right now you can see I have much more deep black area in this image.

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