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When we talk of Photoshop type is not necessarily the first thing that comes into our mind and yet it is well suited to working with type. Why we might set out type in Photoshop, Well the first and foremost it’s convince if we in Photoshop we need to combine our imagery with type where in Photoshop we don’t need to go else where and also it may be what we most familiar with. We don’t need to go in in-design or illustrator we can just stay where we are.

Because Photoshop create live vector type it’s gone b crisp it gone be continuously editable we can do tremendous amount with it and have it remain editable. Photoshop has lot same sophisticated type options that are available in Indesign and illustrator and other programs like that it has excellent corning and tracking options its got justification and hyphenations options and we can get some really  sophisticated looking type working with open type.

It does have some drawback when working with type you should not be working with extended bodies of type if you’re setting your resume or CV in Photoshop you are in wrong place. If you are trying to create any thing that evolves using multi pages you in wrong place but for headline labels, captions Photoshop may be the perfect place to create your type.


Type anatomy and terminology

So before we actually get working with type let’s get we look some basic type terminology. Let’s begin with baseline the invisible line on which type sets.

Then we have the x-height the height of the lower case letters,


and Cap height is just that height of the capital letters.

The ascender height in this case H the ascenders which depending on font may be higher then the cap height.

There are many classification of type the board distinction we can make between serif type and sans serif type. Here is an example of serif type indicated in BLUE are serifs and same word sans serif with out those ornamentations on the ends of the letters.

The counters are interior spaces of the letters.


Descenders are those parts of lettes that go beneath the baseline.

and the ascenders are the part of letters that go above the x-height.










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