Creating web design gallery using Adobe bridge



In this online training course I am going to teach you how you make your own web design gallery. you can create photo gallery from your stock photos. Further you can publish gallery on your website photo gallery.

You are photographer or web designer or just want to share your images with your family one of things you might want to learn how to do is to create a web photo galleryor create photo album. There are lots of different options available to you if you want to create lit bit interactive and has a slide show little thumbnails. You don’t necessarily crack open a product like Adobe Flash Professional and create that from scratch. Adobe Bridge can do it for you if you take advantage of its output module.

Here I have 9 images open I want to create web gallery of these 9 images either post these online save to folder send on them DVD, or use it as web design gallery on website.

web photo,website,online,courses

let's begin by select all Cmd + A or Ctrl + A .

Photoshop,stock photos,Photographer,web designer,album,adobe,flash,professional,scratch,advantage

that I want to create gallery of and I switch over to output workspace Inside Adobe bridge.

web gallery,Photoshop,cs5

The defualt option for Output module is to create PDF contact sheet, I am going to switch this to web gallery.

The first thing you want to experiment with which template you want to use bridge actually ships quite different styles of web galleries you may choose from one of those and click on Refresh Preview to apply changes.

Here I use Left Filmstrip Template and for style choose Large thumbnail.

This is interactive preview you can test interaction of web photo gallery right here inside bridge you can customize your web photo gallery from site info.

you may change Color Palette and Appearance

Moving further down

ftp server

When you ready to save this out you can either save this on your local hard drive or you got a web page or website have access to web server or ftp server you put the path to ftp server user name or password and sub folder you want to upload directly from adobe bridge to your web server you can also preview this in browser by clicking the button Preview in browser.





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