Images For Email marketing

You can use images for your email Campaign or for email marketing or embed images in email. You can't email large files because it takes time to download on your customer PC because of large file size of pictures. To do that you down sample image in Photoshop.

To do that Just Go to File menu Save for web and devices this will open very large dialogue box you have lot of control. The default view for this is show up Optimized tab what help is that 2 up display you can see the original snap to left you just click and pan both images at same time.





email marketing

I set it to JPEG you can choose Low Medium High Very High Maximum,

If you are doing a picture that can posted on web page can be email to some one high is usually great place to start  very high and maximum tend to give you large file size.

now you down sample photo i use 600*800 and in Quality Setting I use Bicubic sharper because I am making this image smaller if you are making picture larger you choose Bicubic Smoother.

This gives you file size Original size 20.3M and after this 787.8k less than Megabite, now you can use any images and decrease the file size and send as email or use as email marketing. you can select good email marketing service for your project if so.






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