How to get Smooth Skin on Face using Photoshop CS5


Here in this lessson we are going to take a look on how to get Smooth Skin on Face using Adobe Photoshop CS5. Another comman thing people like to do when retouching portraits. Especially is to smooth the skin so not just removing blemishes but actually smoothing out the texture of the skin removing or reducing the contrast.

Lets zoom in to 100%.

smooth skin,smoothing,removing,

In addition to the acne we want to retouch out you can see there is general texture to the skin that we may want to smooth out. Now rather than retouching every single pore using spot healing brush or clone stamp tool is lot of work I will teach you really quick technique generally smooth out the surface of the skin and than bring back the detail that you don’t want smoothing to occur. To begin this technique let’s begin by duplicating this layer or original layer.

Press For Mac Cmd + J For windows Ctrl+ J

So this technique is to use Filter we go on the filter menu and down to other and choose high pass and high pass is the filter which is very useful it’s a actual edge detection filter and what it does it finds edges and boost their contrasts.

We are going to use pretty low radius 1.4 for the skin softening technique click ok.

Now this isn’t  image looks great it turned around everything into gray.

but we want to do is to use layer blending mode that basically makes all those grey pixels go away so we are going to change the blend mode from Normal to Overlay.

overlay is one of the blend modes that ignores the gray pixels.

We actually increase the contrast of details like blemishes and pores so we want to do reverse sharpening and turned into softening effect. We can simply do that by inverting this layer Press keyboard shortcut.

For Mac

Cmd + I

For Widows


Or Under Image >> Adjustments>>> Invert.

So now what we have done taken the opposite of sharpening and turned it into smoothing or softening layer but it soften the areas we don’t want soften.

Especially lips, eyes and hairs so we need to add Layer Mask.

so what we want to do paint with black,

on that layer mask on the areas that we don't want to soften. So I press B key to go to my Brush tool and i am just going to paint in where I want sharp detail come back.

Now use spot healing brush tool for removing blemishes acne,

Now skin looks beautiful, clean and clear.










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