Add glow in eyes Using Adobe Photoshop CS5 Tutorials




In this Photoshop lesson I am going to teach you how to add glow in eyes or glowing eyes in Photoshop CS5. In the people Photograph one of the most important aspects of Photographs if not the most important the eyes. Here we are going to take a look how we can add sparkle glow or brighter,

the eyes. So I want to make a selection of the eye and copy that selection to new layer so that we can apply particular effect just to the eyes. Just to accomplish that we are going to enter quick mask press the Q key and then B key to grab your brush tool and paint over the eye. So next we are going to exit the Quick mask by pressing q key and now inverse this selection by pressing Ctrl+Shft+I or Cmd +Shft+I.

glow in eyes, Photoshop cs5, sparkle in eyes,

now press the q key to exit quick mask and use keyboard shortcut key to inverse the. Selection Ctrl+Shft+I and make a copy of the layer by Ctrl+ J or Cmd + J

now go to the Filter menu and Choose Sharpen >>> Smart sharpen,

now use these settings as in picture,

Now use Curves










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