How to do Eye Makeup in Photoshop CS5-



In this lesson we are going to focus on Dark eye makeup and how to apply eye makeup in Photoshop CS5, so that it looks natural. Please Read Makeup and Beauty Tips For Women

dark eye makeup

First step is to grab your Lasso tool and drag out Selection.

I just made a rough selection,


Now right click form mouse and click on Feather,


I choose 2 pixels then press Ctrl + D or Cmd + D to deselect the selection.

Now go up to Filter menu select Sharpen >>> Unsharp mask.

then use these settings.

Now create a new layer.

here i use 2 colors for brush # 250502 #5f4f1f.

For layer 1 I use #5f4f1f.

Opacity around 86% Blend mode set to Multiply.

eye makeup

now create 2nd layer set opacity 78% blend mode Multiply.

Color #250502

I use this color to brush on that part of image.

dark eye makeup

Dark eye makeup

Here is the final image how to apply eye makeup it looks natural.

eye,makeup,dark, Photoshop


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