How to use Quick Selection Tool to Remove a Background

Quick selection tool is so powerful it can help you out in so many ways when you are trying to make a selection let’s go and choose the tool in tool panel.

Just leave Auto – Enhance turn on and draw a selection,



choose the brush size and click and drag across the image,

now I start drawing my selection,

here is selection which I made from quick selection tool,

now after selection is made now you can move this selection or change the background color. let's say you want to remove this selection to another background just click the move tool and drag and drop this selection to another background you like.

If you like to do like fill that background you like to effect every thing but this child you just need to do to navigate to select menu and choose inverse.

now every thing is selected but the child,

Go the brush tool and choose a color and brush inside the selected area,

Here is the final image now you can change or modify your Photographs using quick selection tool inside Photoshop.








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