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In this online training course I am going to teach you how to use Pen tool in Photoshop CS5. Pen tool is different among the other selections tool. Because the Pen tool creates vector based paths these are smooth paths consisting of curves or straight line segments connected with anchor points. This make pen tool ideal for selecting items with smooth or curved or hard edges like a Car or sun glasses. Once you make a closed path with the pen tool you can covert it to a traditional selection with just one click. To show you how all this works go to the tool box click on Pen tool and go up to the option bar.

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I am going to double check that I have the paths icon selected here and make sure Auto Add/Delete Checkbox is turned on.


how to use pen

Now I am going to start selecting the edge of this car. I click and click again to show you when I create one anchor point then another by clicking that make a straight line segment in between.

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Now I want to make curved line segment so I click and drag in the selection that I want the line segment to go.

pen tool Photoshop

now start selecting the car and I go out side of the canvas

using pen tool in Photoshop

now I make ful selection, It's slightly diffcult to make accurate selection.


After you made the initial path you can fine tune it using, Direct selection tool.

direct selection tool

You click any where on path and that displays a path along with the anchor points you can click on entire segment and move up or down if you want to or you can click on anchor point, it bring back the control handles you can click and drag the anchor point to can move it or you can move any of the control handles with this tool.

when you satisfied with your path you turned it to a slection to do that you go to Paths panel.

here is the path I created if you want to laod selection form path you just go to the bottom and click third icon form left

click that it will load the selection based on that path,

Now you could use it as traditional selection you could fill it or move it you can filter it or you could use it as adjustment layer.










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