How to use Magic Wand Tool in Adobe Photoshop CS5



In this tutorial we are going to focus on how to use magic wand tool for selection in cs5.

One of the Photoshop saying’s you hear quite often is that you have to select before you can correct and better we can get the selections the better correction we can make, whether  these corrections are enhancements or simply functional improvements of Photographs.

So let’s take a look one of our selection tools, by going to tools panel and clicking and holding the fourth icon and select magic wand tool or we can press W key and then Shift W which then toggle back and forth between these tools.

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Let’s take a look at the couple of the options with this tool up in the options bar, for starter I am going to focus on tolerance,

when I have low tolerance when I click some where on the image like on green you can see that it made small little selection.

When I increase that tolerance and click on the same spot now you can see that I have much larger selection.  

Next is Anti Alias soften the edges a bit, after Anti alias there is contiguous with that checked on notice the orange is selected but not all.

So let’s uncheck the contiguous and click on the orange now this time it picked orange color.

Next is sample all layer it is very help full when you have multi layer document in our case we don’t I leave this as default.

Now I am going to modify this photograph now let’s say I want to change the color of this image or want to replace orange color with another just select the orange color with tool and go up to the menu bar click on image then click on adjustments and then Hue and Saturation.

now this way you can make modification in your images using magic wand tool.










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