How to crop a Pictures in Photoshop CS5



I am going to teach you about how to Crop a picture in Photoshop. Cropping image in Photoshop you off course need crop tool, Press the letter C on your keyboard. Photoshop CS6 Crop Tool new and enhanced

By default its free form crop just click and drag with the mouse and drag that whatever shape you want to crop the picture into.


This is nice overlay called Rule of Thirds overlay the idea that you line up interesting things in the image in the composition in one of these intersection points.

If you don’t like it change it to Grid or None

Note >>> If you click inside the crop boundary you can re position the crop to wherever want it within the Picture and of course resize it either width and height or both at same time you just grab the appropriate handle.

cropping in Photoshop

So if I do this middle handle on right side I am just changing the width, by top middle handle I am changing the height, and off course if I do corner handle I am changing both at the same time. If you want to cancel the crop you just press ESC key or up here in options bar there is little icon.


Ok we click and drag again to crop to apply that crop you press Enter key. Then applies that crop and delete those pixels that were outside the crop area, If you want to undo crop press Cmd or Ctrl form your keyboard, or go to Edit press Undo Crop, Now most of time though you are not necessarily doing free form cropping  you are cropping to particular size that you know you want let's say, I want to make 4 by 6 print or 5 by 7 print.

  image in photoshop,resolution

If you have specific size in mind then you notice that in the options bar top here in crop tool you can specific options you can set for Width Height and Resolution. Now rather than actually typing numbers into the fields you might check out if there is tool preset available that already done the work for you. Every tool has it own tool presets available on upper left corner of options bar you can see the crop tool icon bar with little drop down menu click on to expose the menu here.

 pictures in photoshop,expose

Now I click first option and hit enter to pop up menu to go away,

Now my tool has been set up with those settings


cropping in photoshop, crop in photoshop



It's vertical orientation of crop if that’s you want Great but if not actually want horizontal crop there is little double arrow you don’t actually go in here and type 6 and 4 just swap those values by clicking double arrow between width and height fields. Now it maintain the aspect ratio of 4 by 6 inch.



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