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I am going to layout the basic concept of image size inside Adobe Photoshop. This is one of these core topics that you got to rap your brain around, before you can make any meaningful sense of program.

Picture Resolution

So here how its works Picture size is your dimensions of your picture how many pixels wide and how many pixels tall and we care about the pixel more than the other measurement, more than inches centimeters and all that stuff means some thing in print but doesn’t have any meaning on screen. This is very simple concept how wide is the picture and how tall is the picture in pixel that’s image size or Picture size.

We are seeing this Picture at 100% zoom level meaning Photoshop is devoting entire screen pixel to each and every screen pixel. So if we are looking at 100% than we are seeing every thing there is inside this image in other words we are not gone find any more detailed information inside this Picture.

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For example: I press and hold the Z key to get the zoom tool then I drag to the right in-Oder to take advantage of scrubby zoom function in CS5.

I am zoomed way in on this Picture. Now it doesn’t look an image as it did before we are not seeing any more  definition on this image, in other words instead  we are just seeing this big huge pixels. it just happens to be extremely complex extremely powerful pixel re coloring machine what we need to know now how many pixels are available to us.


So I am going to go over this eye button and click on it to bring up the Info panel.

You can also go to Window menu choose Info or press shortcut key F8,

Now info is terrific panel for analyzing the image you can see the color of the pixel represented in RGB and CYMK by default.

You can also see the cornet positions as measured in pixels in my case hopefully your as well the X, Y position right there of your courser and then you can see the width and height-

of the selection outline we can see the document size and description how to use active tool. We can get more information by clicking  this menu icon choosing panel options.

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And what I am going to do first of all I want to confirm that my Ruler Unit set to Pixels next I turned off Show tool hints. I don’t find it to be helpful at all.And I am going to turn on Document Profile which is color profile that associated with the active image and Document Dimensions, which will be Picture size itself and then if you like to know what’s going on underneath Photoshop hood you may turned on Scratch sizes then go ahead and click Ok.

Then notice the tooltips are gone away,


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