Resize Vs Resample Pictures in Adobe Photoshop cs6



In this Adobe Photoshop cs6 tutorial we are going to focus on the difference between Resize VS Resample the image. To do this we look at image size dialogue, you just go up and click on image and then.

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The dialouge box you see the top part which is simple width and height and these are calculated in pixels so these numbers are directly corresponds how many pixels they are wide vs how many pixels they are high the Picture.


In the document size below this is little bit trickier in order to calculate the document size you need to width and the height + the resolution. So first turn off the option resample your image as soon as I uncheck that you can notice I can not change the total pixels dimensions


All I can do is to change the pixels are distributed so right now we can print this  78 by 58 and 72 pixels per inch. But 72 pixels per inch is too low resolution I am going to change this up to 300 pixels per inch to print this image on my inkjet printer.

Well when I change it to 300 pixels per inch because I told Photoshop it can’t add or subtract any other pixels because here the option is turned off so Photoshop had to use more pixels 300 per inch so it couldn’t print this image as large it was at 72 pixels per inch if I click ok you will notice that the size of the image didn’t change because I am not adding or subtracting any pixels.

Let’s go back to the Picture and image size and this time I am going to tell Photoshop to resample the image now either I can resample the image up or down. One of the nice features of new Photoshop cs6 is that Photoshop will automatically pick correct re sampling algorithm it automatically choose Bicubic smoother If I make my image larger it automatically choose bicubic sharper If I reduce the size of the Picture.

Now I leave that on Bicubic Automatic.

Now If I want to print this image with maximum width of 10 inches and I enter in 10 you will notice this time in the image size dialogue box because I have the option resize the image check on I am actually taking away pixels my total size used to be 68 pixels now it’s down to 19.3 M and I have lot more pixels in my width and height there so by turn on resample image Photoshop is allowed to take away  or make up pixels.

If I want to print this on 20 inches now we can see Photoshop is going to add pixels file is used to be 68M now I told that I need the file of 77.3M. So Photoshop will automatically add pixels in order to give me this document size 20 inches wide and 15.002 inches high and the resolution of 300 pixels per inch.

This time when I click ok you can see that my document actually got larger Photoshop had to make up those additional pixels.

I am going to undo that by choosing edit and undo image size just to show the other direction as well. If I go to image and image size now I decide I only need to print this may be 6 inches by 4 inches has 300 pixels per inch well we have resample image turned on what used to be 36 M file now is just over 6 M and I click ok.

You can see my file actually got smaller.



So you have it with resample image option on in the image size dialogue box. You allowing Photoshop to either make up pixels or throw them away when you don’t have that on that all you have telling Photoshop it can do is to redistribute  those pixels the resolution you specified and width and the height in the document area in the image size dialogue.



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