Learn methods of zoom in Adobe Photoshop cs5:



There are few common ways to zoom, both from keyboard and zoom tool. So let's get started with zoom. First you need to open an image go to File select Open. Or simply use the keyboard shortcut key, which is Ctrl + O for Windows and Cmd+O for Mac .

then select the image,

Now image is opened we will try different methods on this image.


So let's zoom in couple of different ways one is to GO to VIEW menu,

Click Zoom in that will zoom you in 1 increment to the image,

Another common way and easiest way to zoom Use keyboard short cut keys

For windwos

Ctrl + Plus key(+)

For Mac

Cmd + Plus key(+)

For Zooming out

For windows

Ctrl+ minus key (-)

For Mac

Cmd + minus key (-)

You can also check the short cut key from going in View menu, Use these short cut keys for zooming in or zooming out the image.

Other short cut key

For Windows

Ctrl + Spacebar + Click

For Mac

Cmd + Spacebar + Click

This is another method of zooming in Photoshop. This shortcut key is similar in other Adobe applications like Illustrator, Indesign.

Zooming Out

For Windows

Alt + Spacebar + Click

For Mac

Opt + Spacebar + Click

Some times Windows will misinterpret the Alt key, if your computer beeps at you, now you can do two things.

    Space bar + Alt

    Ctrl + Alt + Spacebar

    You can also zoom in by holding " z " key + Click, this method comes along with CS4 and above.

    "Z + Click" to zoom in

    For zooming out

    For Windows

    Z+ Alt

    For Mac

    z+ Opt

    These are some common methods of zooming in & Out in Photoshop.





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