How to create a document in Photoshop cs5



I am going to teach you how do you create a document in Adobe Photoshop CS5. There are some simple steps of creating a new document first of all you need to open your software. When program launched you will see same window like this here in picture below. This is Photoshop CS5 extended interface. Some of you might not using lattest version but previous versions are lot like the same-so dont worry if your version doesn't match. Then the next step is to click on File it will open droped down menu from File then click on first option which is New after clicking on the New the short-cut key is.

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For Mac Cmd + N for windows Ctrl + N,


You will see the window like this, customize this window as you want means choose your width and height and other settings as you like after clicking the OK button then you will see.


like this.

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Creating documents just like shown you before try this it is easy and simple to do.

Note:- If you want to get accurate colors out Of Adobe Photoshop then you just need to follow these steps.

Click On Edit then Click On the option Color Settings or Press Shft+Ctrl+K.

In RGB field you can see the value sRGB IEC61996-2.1, this is color profile of my Moniter your's might be change note down and then.



Select the same color in color profile when creating new document. This way you can get accurate colors when printing.






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