How to open a picture in Photoshop cs5



It let's you open image files created in different formats, such as TIFF, JPEG, GIF, and PNG, as well as Photoshop documents in the PSD or PSB (Large Document) formats. If you want to simply open an Picture or document,the Open dialog box is the most efficient way. However, if you need to manage, organize, or process files, Adobe Bridge or Mini Bridge (New!) is the way to go. So let's get started with, Opening an image in Photoshop is as much easy as you did How to create a document. Go to File then click on Open.

For Windows Ctrl + O

For Mac Cmd + O


Another cool method of opening Pictures

This is another cool method of opening an image inside Photoshop very few people know this one- very cool technique.

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If you are seeing the application frame as i am here in PC, if you are not seeing on the Mac you can go to Window menu and choose the application frame command.

Which exsist between the Tool Presets-and Options some where and then you see the grey application frame double click on it, upcomes the open dialogue box.

choose the location from where you want to open your image in Photoshop in this case location is Desktop and then click to TFP psd select it and then open it.

 the picture then just loads in your Photoshop, Now you can open an edit images in Photoshop.










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