Fixing Exposure using levels in Photoshop cs6



In this lesson I am going to teach you how to fix exposure problem in Adobe Photoshop cs6 using levels. Level's are one of those adjustments you probably use quite often in digital Photo restoration. Level's adjust three basic areas of the image the black white and mid tones. Let’s select level's.


take a quick look on levels dialogue box,

at top of levels you see the presets these may be under used features in the levels dialogue.

You can check by clicking one of them. Right below the presets there is another drop down this one is for individual color channels.

This ability to adjust by channels there is a great reason to scan a photo even a black and white photo in color. When you choose the individual channel you choose eye dropper over here or by adjusting sliders down here. Let’s choose red channel information

Is over this end so you bring the slider over to this informational area you can continue to do that each of channel.

We can go to combine channel

now we move over to our eye droppers with eye dropper you can select the corresponding tone in the image itself with the black eye dropper you can select dark area in the image.

for midtones use

and lightest with white eye dropper.

Histogram shows you area in the image where the tonal information is it goes from the blackest point on the left set it 0 to the whitest point to the right which is the numeric value is 255 the midpoint value is set to 1.00 they all adjust the tone quality of the image the up here slider control the luminosity of the image. Sliding the black arrow to all the way to the right will result in pure white and white slider to the left will result in black. You can get pretty dramatic results if you need to adjust tones or bring contrast in the image give levels a try.


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