Cropping in Adobe Photoshop CS6



In this lesson we are going to focus on New and Enhanced Crop tool in Adobe Photoshop CS6.

crop tool photoshop cs6

There are Varity of different reasons that you might want to crop your image. Your image might not be correct aspect ratio that you want to print for example or you might want to use portion of your image in order to select Crop tool in Adobe Photoshop CS6 tab the C key once you selected the crop tool in CS6.

You notice that you automatically get crop handles on the sides and as well as on the corner areas of the image. I can either click on any of these handles or start dragging or


I simply click anywhere in my Picture to drag out crop marquee by default I can reposition this crop marquee in any way that I want I can drag it with center handles or by clicking and dragging with corner handles.

That is because my crop is unconstrained, if I need to constrain my crop to specific aspect ratio I can select from preset here on the list or I could enter it my own value.


If I enter my own value I can save those out as presets for now I select 4*3.


If I got horizontal crop and I want quickly flip it to vertical crop I can use this icon to rotate the crop or just press X key to change the crop to vertical to horizontal.

There is verity of overlays that I can use in Photoshop cs6 right now I got rules of thirds displayed but

I can choose between gird or any of these additional options or I can simply cycle through these overlays by simply tabbing the O key.

Press enter key to apply the crop. Even after I applied the crop you notice that I still have crop marquee surrounding my image if I want to get rid of that or hide that I can just switch to other tool.

Since it is still up notice I could also go in and change my crop at any time,

if I decide to clear the aspect ratio I can use this first icon here it basically just clear out all my settings in the options bar.

so that I can now freely drag crop to any aspect ratio to just select the area that I want to be revealed in the final image. 

Finally because we already applied the crop one time I just want to show you if I hit the cancel option right now we are not go back to our original image we going to go back to the crop setting as it was when I started the secondary crop session so we don’t see the full horizontal because I already applied that crop when I hit cancel all the way back to stage where I started messing with corp, second time around.










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