Creating web design gallery in Adobe Bridge CS6



Another way to share your images by posting them in a web gallery in Adobe Bridge CS6.


we can select all the images we want to post and then move to output workspace in output workspace.

You can create multi page PDF document or you can click web gallery in order to create gallery to post either locally or website.

There are varieties of templates you can choose Including Flash gallery as well as HTML gallery. Let’s look at Html gallery first.




pdf document,web gallery,website,templates,flash,html

if I want preview how these images look like I need to click Preview in Browser Button Bridge will process the files and display them in your default browser.


Now change some of the specific settings by returning back to Adobe Bridge CS6. For the site info you can name it whatever you want here I name it as Wally gallery, you can edit the caption or delete the text if you don’t want to see it.

You can do the same thing in About Gallery area. If you want to add your name and contact information you can type your name and contact information. If you want to preview this you can preview this in browser so now you can see the updates that have been made.

You can see that Wally gallery at the top and at the bottom name. Let’s return back to Bridge cs6 and take a look to other options. When customizing the color of any of the attributes so if I want to make my text black I click on color swatch and then select black,

if I want to change additional appearance options for example I may not want to show cell numbers but instead want to show file names you can select that I also change the preview size up to 600 px and increase the quality up to 80.

This might make individual file little bit larger I can also change the number of columns and rows so let’s just increase that to 4.

 You notice I can also create a gallery name. In addition I can choose to save this locally or directly upload from bridge to my website by entering the ftp server, username as well the password and folder in order to create this gallery.

ftp server,username,

Let’s preview that again in browser in order to see what it look like now.


You can see that I increase my number of columns my text has been change to black.

web design gallery

If you click on the individual thumbnails in order to see them larger. If you want to go to main page just click Index.

water drops red

Let’s return back to bridge cs6 after we make all these changes if you want to save this as your custom style click on the save button here and then give your style a name in this case I call it Wally gallery again and click create and next time I want to use this same template.


All I need to do to pick the HTML gallery and under style choose Wally gallery.

html gallery

There are two additional layouts that you may find interesting first is airtight post card viewer,

post card viewer

I select that and underneath the appearance area I choose number of columns to 5 and preview

that in browser this is much more unique way of laying out your Pictures

web, design, pictures

when you click one it zooms in and clicking again zoom out,

so it is more interactive so let’s back to bridge and again choose one more template airtight simple viewer

airtight simple viewer 

and we preview that in the browser as you can see we can move through large gallery images by clicking on the arrow or we can use the thumbnails so you can see it is very easy to share your images  using the output workspace in bridge.











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