Contact Sheet In Bridge and Photoshop cs6



In Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Bridge CS6 you can use tool to help you print multiple images per page. We start in Adobe Bridge CS6 we select all of these images by using keyboard shortcut Cmd + A or Ctrl + A on windows.

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then under the tools menu I choose Photoshop and contact sheet II.


When you select contact sheet II it is a script it will take you over the Photoshop because you have images already selected in bridge contact sheet knows that and work with those files. You can change the units you work in the width height and resolution of your document as well as the mode bit depth and color profile.

script,color profile

By default the contact sheet will flatten the layers it creates the contact sheet if you want to keep each one of the thumbnails as well as the text separate uncheck that option. You can then decide how many thumbnails you want per page in this example I change the column to 3 and rows to 4 I use auto spacing so that contact sheet will space my images both vertically and horizontally.

I can also choose to place the filename as caption underneath each one of the images if you don’t want this you simply turned it off. I set it on to minion pro regular 12 pt, before I click ok once you set these parameters you can save them out so that you can load them later with out going through all the adjustments.


Click ok Adobe Photoshop creates a 8*10 document and open each of the images in bridge cs6 and lay them out in single peace of paper. If you have more images selected then can fit on single sheet then Photoshop make a secondary contact sheet and continue laying out the thumbnails so here we can see we have two contact sheets in Adobe Photoshop cs6.


Here in the layer’s panel you notice for layer’s type as well as thumbnails all are on its individual’s layers so that I can reposition that if I want it.


Now all I need to save both of these contact sheets. One last important note at the beginning I mention that you can make these contact sheets either from Adobe Bridge cs6 or Photoshop.

If you prefer to start in Photoshop not in adobe bridge you can select File then Automate and contact sheet II.

the only difference here you can either select images Form Bridge or you can use the drop down menu to choose individual files or folder of files or even open document so that is the easy way of creating contact sheet in Photoshop or Bridge cs6.










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