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In Photographic circle adobe camera raw has become a quite hot and popular topic there is so much excitement about raw capture and raw processing and yet some times some of this little bit mysterious little bit confusing so what I want to begin to do here to distill things a bit in first we need to do to look at two terms Raw Capture and Raw processing for starters raw capture how we actually capturing the image on camera on the other hand raw processing is all about using adobe camera raw.

Let’s define these even further starting of with raw capture when ever to capture an image with digital camera image capture on sensor if you are capturing in JPEG mode that then information goes to whole sequence of step Bayer interpolation>> white balance>> contrast >>sharpness >> etc and then we get the JPEG on the other hand we can capture in raw format in other words all the information simply comes straight of to the sensor and we have all this raw data. So in this scenario we are talking about raw capture.

Now in contrast we talk about adobe camera raw we are talking completely different. This has to do how we process this image in software which is called adobe camera raw so one of the things happens when we are using the adobe camera raw is that we have these actual pixels we have image information and then we apply set of instructions to these actual pixels.

Then the set of instructions then displays image in particular way and the nice thing about the adobe camera raw is that working in that context is completely non destructive in other words no pixels are harm no pixels are effected  we are not actually pushing pixels per say rather we have pixels that apply some instructions to which then display the image perhaps in different way this in turn gives us lot of flexibility and we can always undo what we have done this can also speed up our overall workflow because if you think about it,

with adobe camera raw there is no render time because you are not actually doing with pixels rather you are simply changing set of instructions. Other thing which is interesting about the camera raw is that we can process images whether the raw DNG TIFF .JPG in this format so we are not limited to just working on files that are captured in the raw format rather we can use these types of format. If we have to distill this how would we do that well think of adobe camera raw is way non destructive edit and work on the Photograph and what it does for you helps things to more flexible because you can always undo what ever you have done it also speed up your overall workflow while working on camera raw there is no render time there is no save time so it speeds things up. In last it is not functional it is also very creative really help you to process your images in some interesting ways.

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