What is Adobe bridge

We are going to focus on what is adobe bridge CS5 and how to use adobe bridge. One of the thing you can think about regards the adobe bridge is what this tool can do for you is actually help you to ingest or import your Photos on to hard drive. Now once you have these images you can use bridge to organize access and manage all these different Photographs and then you can open them up in Photoshop. One of things you can discover about your workflows you can jump back and forth between bridge and Photoshop, in order to get better handle on bridge let me give you more specific definition.


"Adobe bridge is powerful easy to use media manager which allows you to easily organize, browse, locate and view your creative assets".

How to use adobe bridge

let’s take this one step further in more specific terms what bridge does for us it gives us organizational tool and also let’s us edit our images and determine which are keepers we can add labels and star rating we can also filter then stores our files based on different criteria  that we have added to the images we can review the image  preview them in full screen can manage all these different files and of course we can do some functional things like adding meta data or we can create a creative we can process and develop our Photographs right inside bridge we can do some more additional functional things like export Photos out as JPEG or create contact sheet  and there handful of other tools you can use right inside bridge as well. So however you think about it you now discovering that bridge is quite powerful tool that will soon become an integral part to overall Photographic workflow.

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