Change File name Batch renaming in Bridge CS6

The naming convention the most cameras have used isn’t most descriptive so Adobe Bridge CS6 makes it easy to rename Photos. Now we saw that you could rename your images when using Adobe downloader utility to get Photos to your camera but if not using the utility if you want to rename your images later in your workflow all you need to do simply select all the images that you want to rename so I click on first image and hold down the shift key and click on last Picture in order to select the entire range of Pictures.

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Under the tools menu choose Batch rename or use keyboard shortcut Ctrl+ Shift + R or Cmd + Shift + R.

In batch rename dialogue box you can notice you can rename your images in same folder, you can rename them and move them to another folder or you can copy as you renaming and copy your files to another folder for now.

We go ahead and use rename in same folder,




Here variety of different options to choose for your new file name for example we just go ahead and enter text or we can add date and time or sequence number and thing form this list. I just want to do simple rename so I leave the first option as text and we get rid of these two options. And then we add sequence number.

I can choose how many digits in a sequence number and also what number to start on if you want to add more options you just click on + icon.

Down at the bottom you can notice we have a preview our current file name and new file name.

If this is going to be renaming convention use all the time I would suggest you just go to save option,and then name this preset and then hit ok.

when you hit ok you notice your preset comes at top. You can go and click on drop down preset menu and choose default option.

or you can go to customs options just saved.

On final note if you want to rename your images then just go and rename you can see on Red circle#1 I choose My Collection 1 at the bottom of the page on Red Circle#2 you can see the file name has been changed to My Collection 1 this way you can rename it. Now press rename this way you can batch rename image in Adobe Bridge.

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